This website, launched in June 2010, is the only one I currently maintain that focuses on DNA testing, and it replaces an earlier version promoting the book I wrote with the same title which was online from October 2004 to  June 2010.

I also run the Pomeroy Family Association website at and the PFA blog.

Two sites I set up in the early days of DNA testing are no longer on the web:

Chris Pomery's DNA portal, hosted on Rootsweb, 2001-2009 ["This is a scholarly article and set of links on the topic" — cited by Elizabeth Powell Crowe in an early edition of her book Genealogy Online, p339]

This site also included materials about data protection in the UK, including correspondence from the Office of the Information Commissioner dated 2002 confirming that family historians are not obliged to register under the Data Protection Act of 1998 and are not even required to follow the eight principles of data handling that it prescribes.

The Pomeroy One-name project, which included many files on the early stages of the DNA testing programme, also hosted on Rootsweb, 2001-2009.

I also set up in 2001 the first pages on GENUKI describing DNA testing: DNA Testing & Genealogy [see Dick Eastman's review in March 2001]. These pages are now maintained by Iain Kennedy.


I remain an active contributor and sometime editor of the internal members' wiki of the Guild of One-name Studies.