I am currently developing several online courses that describe the uses of DNA testing within the family history community.

To access a file listing the websites and online resources I cite in my teaching, please go to the Downloads page.

Strathclyde University
In 2011 I developed content for the Department of Continuing Education's post-graduate genealogy courses in family history and I serve on the Programme Board monitoring these courses.

This year I'm creating 8 of 10 modules comprising a new introductory course for the field of Genetic Genealogy.

Pharos Tutors

Genetic Genealogy: Managing a Surname Project (course #816)

Over the past decade the number of surname-oriented DNA projects has leapt from none to several thousands. This course explains how you can make best use of the facilities offered by the market-leading testing firm, Family Tree DNA, and how to set about finding men to test and how you can manage the whole project process. In this course Chris Pomery describes how you can run a DNA surname project on its own, and how you can integrate it within a traditional documentary-based genealogical research project. Using examples, this course provides tips on how to run your own project effectively and efficiently. This course is a follow-up to the course Genetic Genealogy: DNA and Your Research (815) which you are advised to take first unless you have a basic understanding of DNA testing."

       Lesson 1: Setting goals for your DNA project

Lesson 2: Promoting your project

Lesson 3: Analysing DNA results

Lesson 4: Using FTDNA's resources

This 4-week online course, which is designed to follow on from #815, was first delivered in July 2012.

Genetic Genealogy: DNA and Your Research (course #815)

"Over the past few years DNA testing as a genealogical research tool has ceased to be an expensive gimmick. Testing is now affordable and more genealogists are discovering how its results can aid their research. In this course Chris Pomery takes you from the beginnings of DNA testing for genealogy, through today’s marketplace of testing services, to explanations of the different types of test and how to analyse results. The course ends with information on the future of genetic genealogy and advice on how you can stay up to date with what is happening. Newcomers to DNA testing will find that this course is a useful introduction to the follow-up course GENETIC GENEALOGY: MANAGING A SURNAME DNA PROJECT.

Lesson 1: How to use DNA tests in your family history

Lesson 2: How to analyse your DNA results

Lesson 3: All about haplogroups

Lesson 4: Second-generation DNA tests"

An earlier version of this 4-week online course was first delivered in September 2010 and repeated in May 2011. The current revised version was run for the first time in May 2012.