I write for all five of the UK's high street family history magazines:
* Family History Monthly (I'm listed on the 'Meet The Team' panel)
* Family Tree
* Who Do You Think You Are
* Your Family History (I'm listed on the 'Meet The Expert' panel)
* Your Family Tree

I was previously on the editorial board of Ancestors between 2005-2009 (until its closure by The National Archives), and I also wrote for Practical Family History (which ceased publication in 2010).

I've also written on DNA within a major supplement on family history for BBC History in 2005 and in a lengthy article for's glossy bookezine Discover Your Ancestors co-published with DMG Publishing in 2011.

My current writing interests are:
* DNA test applications devised by genealogists, their findings, post-Ice Age 'deep ancestry' & human pre-history.
* Surname reconstruction: methods, results from projects & relation to other historical research.
* The distribution of surnames across England: which ones are where and why.
* Online data resources for genealogists, including digitisation programmes and plans.
* Online services useful for genealogists.
* Online teaching & FH courses.
* The accuracy of large-scale transcription projects & online search strategies.

Your can read most of my family history-related work of the past half decade on this website:
* FH magazine articles are listed below (with major articles emphasised in bold)
* pieces in family history society publications, click here,
* authorised reprints of articles and blog pieces, click here

 Publication Date  Title
 Family Tree  
 2012 August
 The Future of Surnames
 Discover Your Ancestors
 2011 November
 Introduction to DNA 
 Family Tree    
 2011 October
 DNA Beginners Guide
 Family Tree  2011 October
 Casebook: mtDNA Haplogroup N1
 WDYTYA Magazine
 2010 December
 DNA Tests: The Next Generation 
 Your Family History
 2010 August
 Help, My Surname's Dying!
 Your Family History        
 2010 August    
 Research Casebook: Hubball DNA Conundrum
 Practical Family History  2010 July
 What's In A Forename?
 Practical Family History  2010 February  Study A Surname
 Family Tree  2009 November Government Restarts DOVE Project
 Family Tree  2009 November Local Archives Under Threat
 Family Tree  2009 October  Leicester Local History Conference Report
 Family Tree
 2009 October  DNA 10 Years On
 Your Family Tree 2009 October  The Future of Family History
 Family History Monthly 2009 October  Was Crippen Innocent?
 Ancestors     2009 July
 Working Towards A Qualification
 2009 June
 Social Networking For The Dead
 2009 May
 Review: Arcalife Uncovered
 Ancestors  2009 April
 Reading The Papers
 Family History Monthly 2008 December
 Local Archives Face Big Challenges
 Ancestors 2008 December Census Websites Compared
 Ancestors 2008 October
 Blogging: Shout It Out
 Ancestors 2008 August
 Who Killed The MAGPIE?
 Ancestors 2008 June The Novelty Of Networking
 Ancestors 2008 June
 Genealogy In The Genes
 Ancestors 2008 January
 Review: Genetree
 Ancestors 2007 August
 BMD Index News
 BBC History
 2006 January
 Family History Supplement: It's All In The Genes
 Daily Express    
 2005 April 14th
 Why We're So Keen To Know Where We're From
 Ancestors 2004 December Reading Your Genetic Signature